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               Alicia  Jie-Hye Lee       

      Revealed Evidence Within Pastlife 

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Hello Gratified to people within true heart & I before like to tell certain word. I have mentioned numerously where like people that have known me well would know I have No interest to receive attention, I don't want to be bullied I don't want to be used by a few people and those who follow these people who are selfish narcissistic constantly use bully me to  fulfill  their outrageous  delusional  thoughts which is unintelligbIe.  I  like to inquire  have I done wrong  to  anybody  because  no  human  ever deserves to experience ill will violenc

I merely like to live normal silent life within legal work aid true People that are there for our world peace Art I would like to share my heart for human rights. Like many loyal artists are again I not ever used AI when create yet use for enhancement of our rights. If anybody is here not to view my word itself yet to count figure whom I mention through delusional thoughts unknown by me please  leave.  I  prefer  my viewers a  few  rational people than many of con narcissistic conflict maker. Hey You though  I am  late  Mean  alot Appreciate it Yes Believe within

Crime scene 

At an early clear afternoon a female body was located at dump stacked in waste bags. Its located body was tracked after several days passed  where  family  member  reported  local  police  female was nowhere to be present. Within a few weeks after person of interest  was  the  male  partner  of  female  who  resided  together for  a  number  of  years.  In   autopsies  of  body  tell  cause  of  death  was continued physical sexual violence where body of female  revealed  numerous  bruises  injured  marks in parts hidden

Rate of Crime

Current case is about domestic violence that includes a crime of murder. Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behavior to gain power control in relationships whether married, engaged, live together. These abusive behavior means psychological, emotional, physical, sexual  actions, threat of actions that effect another where  victims  continuously  experience  to  be   intimidated, manipulated, terrorized, humiliated, blamed, injured. Rate of domestic violence worldwide is 25%, about  1/4  victims  are  men  &  3/4 are women. Further, among murder cases worldwide, domestic violence that includes murder are about 13.8% where 3/4 of victims are women while 1/4 are men. Could be considered as a very widespread criminal case worldwide. It should be further noted that because of poverty, underemployment, economic stagnation, inequality in various fields, domestic violence cases alone and domestic violence that includes murder in underdeveloped countries are far rated than developed countries. Leal constant legal research aid is indispensable


Why it Happened 

Then inquiry is why domestic violence happens. Generally main cause of domestic violence is about power control.  If  a  partner  has characteristics  of  need  to  dominate  control  another in any shape or form, relationship in many  cases  are predicted to  be  violent.  Why. Because people who tend to be dominative manipulative will turn violent in actions or words when they lose control, which is minacious personality which must be treated, for if not treated, without a doubt, unavoidable deadly crime scene will be  encountered



Principal  issue  of  a  domestic  violence that  includes  murder  is  about  the  offenders  disturbed mindset of - follow my words to live and this will never stop until obeyed   

Criminal Mind 

A very quite large number of psychologists have similarly defined criminal mind in domestic violence cases. These criminal minds are selfish mindset. Unable to rightfully see viewpoint of anyone else but themselves, continued manipulative acts and words toward gullible mind, no empathy toward pain caused to people, easily lie without conscience in order to get what they want, be in a delusional state to frequently lie to remind people they are the best and get psychotic when people don't seem to acknowledge them, insistent to randomly or illegally have their way regardless of the cost they will face in life, such as be severely criticized by public for their misconduct, spend their time in jail for the rest of their lives or in the worst case be executed

Root of criminal mind 

Mindset of criminals of domestic violence regretfully could be very different from normal people since their early years. That is criminal mind of domestic violence generally stems from preadolescence where offender begins to hurt people with intent to hurt either through misconduct  or  derogatory  words  without  any  guilt  despite  severe  pain  was  given  to  victims  by  their  rude  acts. For instance, minors who have no tendency to abuse animals or use violence to others and constantly repeats those acts without guilt, have less tendency to be mentally  ill  unlikely to be violent criminals when they arrive at their adult stage than those minors who does have severe abusive behaviors


The cause of these types of violent behaviors by minors could be due to childhood trauma through frequent encounter of severe continuous physical verbal violence by its family members or people near them which the encountered minor eventually could mistakenly understand, violence and detest toward human is a normal behavior which is absolutely not. Criminal mindset unfortunately in general is fixed at its adolescence period which could differ based on environment of people while these violent mindset yields offenders to be a severely mentally ill controller narcissist manipulator aggressor bully especially when these deviated misconducts continue without treatment till adulthood, which will be difficult to change unless offenders experience life or death matter for its disturbed mindset is already severely rooted where even intense psychotherapy is not guaranteed to cure these offenders. Regrettably trouble will continue to persist without a stop yet deadlier    

Guidelines to avoid Future similar crimes 

It is crucial for these offender of domestic violence to understand acknowledge that majority of domestic violence cases, which include murder crimes is not mainly due to their sudden uncontrollable unpremeditated rage, yet generally it is a choice the offender could make whether they will choose to be a violent offender or not. Based on researches I have made on criminal psychology in law school & while work at court, would like to briefly suggest a number of guidelines to gradually avoid domestic violence which includes murder crimes

Provided that an adult perceive acts of minors to be violent, such as frequently abuse animals or use a physical verbal violence to another without any guilt yet instead seems to enjoy to be abusive, please consider it very serious and not be embarrassed to visit a psychiatric hospital because if these minors do not get medical help at early stage, they will eventually contribute to increase in serious crime rate, loss of innocent lives which unfortunately could be any of us


Next in order for the domestic violence to decrease, it is a matter of course the offenders must get treatment. Yet, in order for cure to happen, offenders must first acknowledge they have a problem with both their abusive conducts and indirect manipulative verbal abuse and be active to get treatment. However, because mental state of these offenders are defined ill, it will be crucial to treat the offenders based on premise that it is understandable they were abusive until now because they learned a wrong behavior through their traumatic experience at an early age, yet now is their day to unlearn those severely mistaken behaviors to live a normal naturally respected life not a life where the offender forces people to respect them through violent misconducts and manipulative words trying to control deceive people, which in this case, I guarantee, eventually the offenders themselves will be the ultimate victims of their own mind tricks, for the person who has to live with its ill-mind is not victims but the offenders themselves


Further  group  of  personnel  that  exist  to  enforce  laws,  punish  criminals,  prevent  civil  disorders,  save  lives  such  as  law enforcement  must  be  active  when  they  deal  with  victims of violence, regardless of their  race,  gender,  class, sexuality. That is  because  victims  oftentimes  hesitate  to  report  due  to  fear  of  revenge,  due  to  shame,  due  to  worries  that  law  enforcement  will disregard  their  words, due to ignorance of  their  rights,   victims  could  be  in  silence  which  could  result   in  law  enforcement  not  to  take  their  reports  seriously,  especially  when victims  are  minorities,  LGBT,  elderlies,  men.  Consequently  it is. crucial  for law enforcement,  based  on  its  respective  domestic violence policy, to steadily in  a  nice manner  inquire  victims  to  make  them  speak  give  belief  that  problems  are gonna  be  settled gradually, and  when  probable  cause  exists  and  arrest  is  authorized  by  law,  make  an  arrest  not  to  let  an  offender  get away with  its crimes committed.  Please  be  active  specifically  toward  our  vulnerable  people. Your  further heartfelt  care  is  our  life  line which we are truly gratified for your work.  Now  would  like  to  talk about our victims of domestic violence which  includes  aggravated  crimes. Generally  when a victim experiences domestic violence, it would be very crucial to cautiously finalize their relationship soon. Yet unfortunately in reality it seldom happens because of fear by victims the offender will get more violent, feel threat to be killed, lack of finance, fear to be homeless, etc. However the most serious problem is victims consider that violence will lessen. Yet regrettably it will not because once a domestic violence begins, rarely will be lessened unless incessant counsel is given while the offender separated from victim is continued to be treated voluntarily. Therefore it is gonna be our law enforcement & our local governments to take cases of domestic violence seriously,  constantly  be  active to resolve the cases regardless of gender, race, class, sexuality of victims, whether our victims are LGBT, minorities, elderlies, men because we humans are equal no matter where we are from which culture we are raised for again these crimes could happen to any of us with no doubt. Additionally, whenever we perceive domestic violence near us please not be mere bystanders yet actively report to our law enforcement where you could remain anonymous. An active report tend to save many lives. Please note that it is crucial to resolve crimes that happened yet unfortunately these are cases where  innocent  victims  are  already sacrficed,  therefore  it is significant to prevent these crimes  in  advance  before  another  is  lost. Let's Within altruism not selfish mind prevent the violence for lives must be saved the crime has to be stopped Amen 

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